Urim et Thummin

Angels (Urim and Thummin)

Angelos - Urim et Thummin translates as "Angels - Illumination and Perfection".

This article was begun many years ago. It is part of a much larger body of information that originally had been contained in the 24 books ascribed to Moses and written long before any of the Moses existed on Earth. These had been gleaned from the larger work humankind have come to call The Book of The Angel Raziel. This book contains the keys of life.

Some of the information here contains updates for the times in which we are living. There are, also included, messages from angels who desire to share information with human kind.

At one time, I pondered over what validity this information might have, and if, even if it was valid, what right I had to impart this information to others. I have received many requests from beings and people of all sorts, to share this information. I finished compiling the work of Angelos - Urim et Thummin by the end of 1994. I originally intended it to be a Christmas present for my sister, Surya. I have now decided, following a waking dream I had on the morning of 17 February 2000, to share this information with whomever desires to read it. Thus, I am including this information in my personal website.

The dream was vivid and profound. It included the imagery of a location called "Twelve Oaks". Twelve Oaks stood for a place, abode or home where I am and where we all are. It is a phase in our evolution of consciousness, in which we find illumination and perfection by the Union of Twelve.

Twelve oaks, big and strong, are connected in roots and branches. This is symbolic of support, courage, fortitude and completion. It portrays the value of Cosmic Order in strength. This is a spiritual and physical strength, order and balance.

The Book (Sefer) of The Angel Raziel--Sefer here meaning scroll, book or writing. In its earlier form was called The Book of Light. In the poem Abu Ben Adam by Leigh Hunt, an angel writes in a book of gold, which is known as The Book of life. The record keepers constantly fill etheric pages of existence with the language of life and light. Each of the original twelve angels who were involved in the programming of matter, energy, space and time, combined formulas of form. They utilized personifications of themselves in each formula.

Within this book there are about 1,500 keys to the formulas of earth, involving its creation. These keys were intended to contain the qualities of all creation. They initiate the process of generation and regeneration.

The angel Raziel was instructed by the twelve Ruling Princes of the Divine Presence to put into form, the formulas and procedures for all of creation. It was decided that this knowledge should be shared with humankind. Another group of angels disagreed with humankind possessing this knowledge. They assisted in this collection of information being hidden in an ocean-covered planet that was within a distant area of space. Eventually, this book was retrieved by the angel Rahab(Sar Shel Yam), The Ruling Prince of the Primordial Sea. He then presented this book to the angel Raphael.

Several individual humans on earth had accessed this book. According to traditional records, Raziel instructed the first Adam with this book and later Enoch, Noah, Moses, Krishna, Rama, Gautama, Mohammed, Jeshua and Solomon as well as other notable individuals. Others that have been instructed with this book have been several generations of masters, teachers, adepts and healers in MU, AT-LAN and Shambala. There were also several other worlds that were taught and instructed through The Book of The Angel Raziel.

Several mystical books as well as other ancient texts are derived from or imitated portions of this book such as the Hebrew books of the Pentateuch and the Zohar. The books we have come to call The Bible and The Q'uran are reflections of this larger work. We must come to realize some day that these books were intended to contain all of their predecessors knowledge and information. Not all portions of these books were inspired by their ascribed sources. Some of the reports written in as testaments of truth were stories of other beings that acted in the capacity of a god or God. It has been part of the contest between factions of beings that have been striving to accomplish their own goals. These individual goals are varied and different from one another. We can now experience this information concerning these work's true nature as an augmentation, expansion and additional gift from the Source of the Whole of Existence.

The intention and presence of the Source of the Whole of Existence, through the works of the Holy Twelve, they brought forth the souls known to mankind as angels. They were intended to be companions, guides and guardians of the myriad worlds of existence.