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All about the angel Raphael.

I am Raphael,

Ruling Prince of the Ninth Heaven or plane of existence and the Ninth Order of Angels, the Powers. My name means, "Healing light of the Source of the Whole of Existence". I was originally known as Labbiel and this meant, "Knowledge of the Light of the Source of the Whole of Existence".

My complement is known as the angel Mariel, also called Mary, whose name means, "Protectress and nurturing light of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She is the being some refer to as Mother Nature; more accurately, the mother of nature, sometimes referred to as Gaia, the spiritual guardian of Earth. Earth is like her child; she is a nurturing energy. We are both envisioned in Earth tones and colors, and are experienced in forest green and rich browns and wood tones.

Raphael with MarielI am in charge of healing the Earth. This will furnish mankind and all living things on Earth with a paradise. I utilize the knowledge of healing by way of the Book of the Angel Raziel, which contains the wisdom and knowledge of the Tree of Life, with its twelve healing branches. I hold the keys to this book and the Tree of Life. I am regent of the sun, Chief of the Order of Virtues, Governor of the South, Guardian of the West, and Overseer of the Evening Winds. I assisted the Greek, Asclepius as his councilor with regard to medicine and healing. I am the angel of science and knowledge, and preceptor angel who belongs to the four angelic orders of Seraphim, Cherubim, Dominions and Powers.

I traditionally have been portrayed holding a pilgrim's staff representing the essence of guidance of souls through the lower realms. I am portrayed carrying a fish, which represents higher spiritual principles and knowledge of the highest order. The fish has a story connected with it, yet the older symbolic gesture is the one that relates to my angelic appearance. On my right hand is displayed a ring called the pentapha--a five pointed star which has the power to command entities of the lower realms. I am also seen carrying the book which contains the keys of life, also known as the medical book used to heal and cure the maladies, diseases and wounds which plague humanity.

I work closely with those who prescribe to the teachings of Melchesedech and offer support to those beings who are manifesting the light of the Preceptor and Traveler Consciousness throughout the realms. For these beings I open the Book of Raziel and share its contents with them. Once learned and manifested upon them, they become the holders of this knowledge and the keys of this book and the Tree of Life.

My message is one of great love. This is the love of Self and others, and is the true healing. Joy in all things is the path which leads to health and happiness. These are generated by your own will to be joyful. This is the truth of the light. Prayer is the request from the Self to work and live in joy, harmony and love. Have compassion for all that you accomplish. Unless this is met in this way, there is no accomplishment worth having. Learn to understand that joy is your gift; of this you can share and give it freely to others. In this, you will learn to have compassion for the gifts and accomplishment of others. This assists in the healing of Earth, unlike negative emotions, attitudes and behaviors. Go forth with love to share, and openly seek it in others. Seek the healing power that exists in all other people. Dedicate your energies to forward this in others, and to bring this to the fore in their lives. Expect only love and it will be present in everything and everyone.