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Unknown author

I am Astanphaeus. My name means, "The crown of the Source of the Whole of Existence". I am also called Astaphaeus, Astaphai and Astaphaios. 

My complement is known as the angel Harmony, whose name means, "A beautiful blending with the Source of the Whole of Existence". She bestows the creation of a very quiet, practical nature and a clever and inventive mind, along with the ability to concentrate and blend with other subjects, places and people. 

I am considered to be one of the seven or twelve Elohim or Angels of the Presence. In some respects, I am given dominion over the planet Mercury. I am the angel in charge of all music, which is the language of the angels created in all worlds and heavens. I synthesize all sound to become communication in one from or another. 

My message to the worlds at this time is to listen to the finer, more subtle tones and vibrations of the world around you. Become the listener and the one who hears the unplayed melodies of your time. Tune into the more harmonic sounds that come into your world. At this time there are many non-harmonic sounds penetrating your world. Look for the good and peace within each one. 

Creation is a series of cycles that continues on and on. It has not begun and will not cease. There will be times when the Source will deem it needed that creation turn in a different direction. Be one of those who willingly understands this new creation. As has been promised, there will come a new heaven and a new Earth. These are times when the vibrations of the heavens and the Earth will seem as one, and they will co-exist within the same space and time. Then time and space will become new again, and have a new meaning to those who are still alive upon the earth. It will transform before your very eyes. You will need to have new eyes to see and new ears to hear the glorious sounds that will be a part of this revelation and those times to come. 

All this begins with the sounds that you tune into as you would any channel. Listen for the harmonies of the highest order. As they approach your world, you will find that you feel less burdened by the material things around you. Maintain your physical living and do no harm to your physical world. Enhance your surroundings and yourself. Listen to the meanings the new sounds manifest inside you. They speak the language of the angels. This language is the sounding of the names of the symbols of livingness, the very primordial Emblematic essences of creation. No negative force can interrupt this bond once you have chosen to hear and experience it. Listen from your heart; these sounds feel uplifting and positive. You will know them by this. As you tune into this new harmony, it will increase for you and uplift you. Listen for the sounds of the new mankind. 

There will be twelve of these tones and these will assist you to align yourself with the new heaven and the new Earth. In this way, all shall find the Source of the Whole of Existence within them and know it forever. This process will seem to be magic. To those of other times it seemed to be this. It is not hidden or unknown. It is part of what is so in all the universes that are. Transformation comes all the time. When it is in augmented steps that are simple and easy to take, the journey is a joy and seems wondrous. Look for signs of harmony, oneness and the twelve. Be aware that some steps my lead you to others. It is always your choice to take the journey.