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All about the angel Anahel.

I am Anahel,


Also called Haniel, Ruling Prince of the Tenth Heaven or plane of existence, and the Tenth Order of Angels, the Principalities. I am also called Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel, and Hanael. My names mean, "Glory and grace of the Source of the Whole of Existence, and one who sees the Source of the Whole of Existence".

My complement is known as the angel Hannahel, also called Hananiel, Hannuel and Hanniniel, whose names mean, "Graciously given of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She inspires all beings to keep in balance when in a loving relationship.

I have been known to appear as an androgynous figure with large, gray wings. I have been perceived as dressed in an emerald green robe, carrying a brown lantern. My complement and I are traditionally experienced as flashes of emerald green. I am traditionally known as a Guard of the Gates of the West Wind. I preside over the production of manna--the sustenance of mankind. This manna has come to the consciousness of humankind through various scrolls of knowledge.

I exist to foreword harmony and inspiration into each life. Mankind has learned to activate that portion of its consciousness through the conceptualization of the written or spoken word. This knowledge has been translated and received through the unspoken words better known as concepts or ideas. These words act as instructions to that part of humanity that is ready to receive them, assisting those individuals to recall who they truly are.

I bring a massage of awakening for humankind and all other life forms. The specifics of this awakening are that you are a part of all beings--open your hearts and minds to feel and comprehend the knowingness that is your world. Come to understand all those who are a part of your world. If anyone is opposing you, it behooves you to make peace with him or her, recognize yourself in his or her eyes. This is accomplished by being open and not resisting anyone or anything. The resistance creates your own corner of hell and makes you less accessible to others. It dulls your senses and cuts you off from others. I bring you the call to awaken to who you truly are. Seek the truth in others and in issues of your day. Make it your business to become more awakened and knowledgeable regarding your own abilities and gifts and talents. Assist others in finding and strengthening their own.