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All about the angel Suriel.

I am Suriel.


My name means, "The Source of the Whole of Existence's Command". I work closely with the angels Uriel, Metatron, Ariel, Saraquel and others. Others have called me Sariel, Sauriel, Suriyel and Surya.

Surya is the female complement to my energy and my twin flame, whose name means "The Source of the Whole of Existence as the Sun". We operate as one, through any of these names. She brings the warm glow of first light and the last embers of the soft setting sun. She bestows upon mankind a sense of awakening.

I am prince of the Presence and a healing angel. I have worked closely to ensure the imparting of the 24 books of knowledge to those on Earth that have brought much of this information forward to become known by mankind. One of the most noted portions of these texts is that which relates to the healing and wholeing of the soul. This is the recorded portion of all beings, which allows them to access their deeds and accomplishments within the physical universes. I have worked through various symbols of my presence, one of which has been an ox. I have also been one who has assisted in the positioning of the planet Earth so that it is in optimum receivership of the energies it needs to fulfill its own mission as a place for beings to learn and grow.

My message to mankind at this time, is to become more informed as to the world you live in. Look around you and learn to appreciate the very nature of your planet. All things that are alive are worthy of your praise and respect. This is true even of those beings you ingest. Each soul is born into a world with the solvent for any task that they encounter. All the knowledge they will ever need within that life is present for them always. It is a matter of coming to know that which is your truth, and working with that as your strength and guidance. Abandon it and it will not be available to you due to your own selective blindness.

Everyone has the ability to win and be successful in his or her journey and path. Stand clear in your truth and prevent no one from standing clearly in their own truth. When you go against another and what they truly believe, be it not aberant in nature, which would be against the greatest good for all, then you veer off your course and become like one possessed of fear and anger. Live within the light of truth and darkness shall not be your lot. Be aware of the power of both and you shall master life. Live in knowledge of all and keep the balance of all and immortality is yours.