I charge $80 an hour for incall massage, and $100 an hour for outcall anywhere in the Greater Phoenix area. If I have to travel outside the area it will cost more.

Time 2-handed Incall Outcall
30 minutes $50 n/a
60 minutes $80 $100
90 minutes $150 $200
120 minutes $200 $260
150 minutes $300 $360

Four-handed massages are also available. Please request this at least a few hours in advance so I can arrange to get the other two hands!

Time 4-handed Incall Outcall
60 minutes $160 $200
90 minutes $220 $300
120 minutes $280 $380

Additional time can be added: Time can be added in 30 minute intervals. After each 2 hours a short rest or break will need to be taken. I have done 3 hour sessions before and they are just the best! With more time more detail can be afforded to all the areas of your body.

Special student and military rates: If you have the appropriate ID I offer a discount of $10 off for students and enlisted military personnel; that comes to $70 an hour incall and $90 an hour outcall. You won't find a better price!

People living with disabilities: Many people with disabilities also must live on a limited income. Please contact me as we may be able to arrange a special price that can meet your budget for the regular sessions you may require.

Referrals: Refer two clients who both pay for and receive massages and get a massage of the same length free! This is especially useful if you have a couple of family members who need massage. What a great gift and savings!

Host a massage party! This works really well if you host a party and invite your guests to pay for a massage. You can also offer them as party favors or gifts. This comes in really nicely when you want to have a birthday party or a health festival For each two paid massages you get a third for the same time free! I can also do mini massages of head, or shoulders or hands or feet that people sign up for ahead of time for 10 to 15 minutes each. That way if you have a large enough group it would be cost effective and everyone gets the mini massage they want.

Blocks of Sessions: When I lived in New York City I had several clients who would pay for a block of sessions in advance. In this case I will give you a signed receipt for the number of sessions you desire. We can arrange the time you want to have these sessions at that time. If they are in-calls and for some reason you need and out-call, you just need to pay the difference at the time of the out-call. If it is in reverse, that you paid for out-calls and want an in-call, I would need to apply the difference to your next series of sessions. I have no facility to pay you back at that time. I will write a gift card for the difference and make note in my financial records of your account.

Late Fees and No Shows: I have not been applying late fees because most clients are early or on time. If this changes I will have to institute a late fee policy. If you don't show up to a schedule session without notifying me you will need to pay for half that session. I think that is fairly reasonable. Many professionals would charge you for the whole time. If you reschedule for work or emergency reasons that is understandable. The reason for this is that when you don't show up, you are not just not showing up for me. You are not showing up for yourself and that is more important. Your session is your time made for you to feel better and more comfortable with your body. I feel our bodies will respond to what we say we will do for them by healing or feeling good. It is like a reward system as well, your body will respond. When you don't show up for it, your body will physically respond as feeling neglected. This could lead to complications or illness. We don't want that I am sure! during emergencies or changing work schedules etc. let your body know that things have changed and you will make an effort to get a session as soon as you possibly can. Remember its your health.

Insurance: I cannot currently accept direct insurance payments. When that changes I will update this page.

Payment is accepted in cash. Sorry, I have no facility for accepting credit cards at this time. check back with me in the future in case this changes. I do not accept checks for a single session except as described below.

I usually do not accept cash in advance of sessions unless you are purchasing a block of sessions or a gift certificate, for which you will be given a receipt. If you wish to purchase these by mail, I can accept a check or money order made out to me personally; and once it has cleared the bank you will be mailed a receipt and the (gift) certificate(s) you have purchased.

For those persons who may be elderly or living on a very limited income, I charge according to their means and ability to pay. No one should have to starve to get a massage; yet at the same time I can't afford to give massages for free! If you believe you fit into this category please call with a proposal that is workable for us both.

Call me today to make an appointment!