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I am Akatriel. I am also called Akathriel, Achtariel, Akteriel, Aktriel, Ketherial and Yehadriel. My names mean, "The crown of the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is known as the angel Yesiel (also called Yashiel, Yaasiel and Jasiel), whose name means, "The Source of the Whole of Existence will create". She bestows those who beseech her assistance with a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking wit, creative ability, and a versatile nature. She is an angel whose name is found inscribed on the first pentacle of the moon. She teaches self-sufficiency and capability, and a sense of leadership and responsibility. 

I have been called "The Angel of the Lord" and "The great crown judgment prince placed over all the other angels". I have been honored with the praise of being hailed as Akatriel JHWH, Lord of Hosts, with 120 ministering angels at my command. I have counseled with the angels Metatron and Sandalphon regularly in order to keep the balance accurate within all the universes. 

I give you my peace and my admiration for the way that you have shown up and learned what has been before you. All mankind must be held in admiration for what they have accomplished and what they are yet to do. 

My message is one which I am proud to bring to you. There will be many roads that we have yet to travel together. I may, at times, appear as a friend or relative that is standing by your side; for you will not know, and sometimes never know, that the Angel of the Lord is with you in everything you are about. We will unlock the mysteries of the ages together and find one another in love and contentment. We will fulfill each other and know the divine emotions of bliss and rapture in our times together. 

My words are simple; if you request it, I will show you all the wonders of the many worlds. Ask it of me and I am bound to you through all of time to answer your request. You may reject what I show you. That is up to you to do with what I share with you, as you so desire. Call me by name; I will be present with you! Ask it of me and I will reveal what you so desire. 

I cannot take action on your behalf. Those actions are for you to accomplish. I can share information and make certain things known to you at this time. Call yourself forth into the light of truth. Have more love and compassion in your heart than any other thing you know. Then, in this state if you call my name, I will be known to you. 

For all those who feel unworthy or less than others, do not compare yourselves with anyone else. You are the beloved of all ages no matter how you feel about yourself; you are loved and held in great respect. Think no less of any man, woman or children. My light is with you always!