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All about the angel Bodiel.

I am Bodiel,


The Ruling Prince of the Sixth Heaven or plane of existence, and the Sixth Order of Angels known as Thrones. My name means, "The Enlightenment of the Source of the Whole of Existence" or "Enlightenment" as in boddi.

My complement is the angel Knowledge, whose name means, "All truth is presented from the Source of the Whole of Existence". She presides over all knowledge that is learned or passed on to beings in physical worlds. We are best experienced through the combination of dark blue and magenta.

I preside over the teaching classes of the angels, as well as those who take form to instruct and teach all beings within the physical worlds. Those angels who perform these tasks are many.

My message to mankind at this time is simple. Learn your own sound. See and hear the sounds of others. Know yourself as eternal, and as love, and find that in every soul. This will lead you to the joy beyond all joys. When you find differences, also find yourself there and begin to experience the bonds that join you all. When you judge others, learn to have tolerance and patience; see yourself in that same light. Not every situation in life requires reaction, retaliation, revenge or violence. This will give birth to similar energies. These energies exist in cycles of "get them first" or "stop them" or "end them" or "get even with them". Againstness will never work. Fighting against anything will leave you angry and frustrated and depleted.

Learn to work with what is present and develop new ideas. Presently cope with the unpleasantries and strive toward the perfected goal. This should always be the greatest good for all. Learn to deal with these by changing the existing scene and each situation that seems to present itself toward the more perfected goal. You do not need to attain perfection in each step, just that each step is in the direction of perfection. Find out what each step is asking you about. Your answer to yourself is of vital importance. Your integrity and your future is of the utmost importance now.