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I am Zagzagel. I am also called Zagzagael, Zagnzagiel and Zamzagiel. My names mean, "The divine splendor of the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is known as the angel Sophiel, whose name means, "The light of wisdom and life is given from the Source of the Whole of Existence". She is known as one of the angels of the 4th pentacle of the moon in the Jewish cabala. She is the angel that bestows mankind with light, life and wisdom. She works to maintain alertness, sentimentality, a fondness of books and quiet seclusion. 

I have worked to bring the light of truth to the myriad civilizations upon Earth. I specifically worked with the Moses (Egyptian princes) to ensure they remembered the names of those in other realms that could and would assist in generating spirit within the physical worlds. It was I who manifested as energy amid trees and bushes that appeared as if they were on fire and yet not consumed. In this way the messages of the Source of the Whole of Existence could be interpreted and written down for all to come to know. 

I am an instructor of the various angelic realms and ensure that they know the seventy languages of light. There are times when I appear to have emanations around my head as beams of light. Some have called these "horns of glory". I work closely with the angels Metatron, Michael and Gabriel

My message to humanity at this time is to seek the truth where you find it. It will not always appear in one house or within one philosophy. If that were the case, there would be no differences of opinion or growth for many beings to undertake. Remember always that each being has made, created, agreed to or promoted the path they are on. It may not be your path and no one on the Earth or in physical realms knows your path except you. 

There are no fortune tellers or wise men, teachers, prophets, avatars, sadhana, swamis, yogins (yogis), mahatmans, masters, sages, seers, elder brothers, spiritual advisers, rishis or gurus that can tell you your truth and what part you truly play in the larger scheme of the physical universe. You can learn techniques and better ways to live in the physical through these teachers. No one can live it for you or tell you what is best for you. Your choice makes it your path and your way. 

My message to you here is to seek that truth that abides within you and learn from it and live your life with that knowledge. You may decide to learn from teachers and gurus or learn from professors and the like or you may decide to learn on your own from books or life experience. Whichever you choose, live it to the fullest and examine all there is to know. In this you will find true peace and satisfaction.