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All about the angel Ophaniel.

I am Ophaniel,

Ruling Prince of the Fifth Heaven or plane of existence, as well as the Fifth Order of Angels known as Cherubim. I am also called Ofaniel, Ofan, Ofniel, Ophan, or even Yahriel. I move very rapidly through the universes, thus my names mean, "Ruling Light of the Source of the Whole of Existence" or "Wheel of Light".

My complement is the angel known as Crystal, whose name means, "Clarity of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She provides clarity and vision along with inner vision quests and spiritual journeys for beings within the physical worlds. We are best experienced through the combination of colors present in quartz crystals--a sparkling iridescence and silver.

I am responsible that the light of eternity reaches each created form in the universes. I ensure the missions undertaken by the order of Powers. These actions are recorded as Universal Law. Another of my duties is to maintain the reflected light of heavenly bodies, such as the moon. In this capacity I am called, "Angel of the Wheel of the Moon". I am a warden of the fixed stars, keeper of celestial records and the one who bestows known facts and inspired information. I am also one of the exalted throne angels.

My message at this time is for all beings to become aware of Universal Law. This is the journey of learning what has come into being within the created realms. Each of you must make connection with the meaning and purpose of each portion of them. No part is irrelevant. Humanity can make great strides by coming to understand which agreements operate within the physical worlds. Learn how the various laws function and you become masters of the law. Then go beyond these, and manifest and maintain a new order, and new forms of Self. Come to know that nothing within any realm or universe is meant to bind or restrict growth. From this view of knowing more, you can thrive along new courses. Come to know and remember the agreements that make up the physical worlds. All that binds you to physical, universal laws, is agreement.