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I am Jehoel. I am also called Joel, Jael, Jehuel, Yahoel, and Jah-el, all of which mean, "Mediator of the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is known as the angel Janiel, also called Janel and Jannel, whose name means, "The gracious Gift of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She is charged with maintaining balance and order among the choirs of angels. She sits in repose and plays the melodies of each time sequence so that beings within the physical worlds can always remember where they are and where they are going. 

I am credited as the Choirmaster throughout the heavens. I have been touted as Singer of the Eternal and Heavenly Song of Man; I am the principal angel over the element of fire. More specifically, I inspire mankind and all beings with the sounds of the choirs from the heavens.

Many times I have been associated with the angel Metatron as we both serve to balance and maintain the order that is inherent in the physical worlds. I have also been charged with holding the Leviathan ("That which gathers itself together in folds") in check. It is representative of all the evil deeds of commission or omission in the physical worlds. It was so feared in the olden times because it was once an angelic form of the angel Rahab. Rahab, as Leviathan, is charged with the devouring of those beings that are consumed with hatred, lust and greed. These beings are to reclaim their souls and become the light of love and truth, and Leviathan will be restored as the angel Rehab. 

My message to humanity at these times is to sing with all your heart and soul to the truths that uplift your spirit. Listen to those things that bring joy and a sense of living. Stretch out your hands in faith and love to those who have forgotten to love themselves first, and others as themselves. The music of the stars is chorusing through Earth at these times. Learn to listen with your heart and not just your mind and you will hear it. Learn to distinguish which are the sounds of truth; uplifting voices will reconnect you with forgotten parts of yourself and calm and soothe the senses. 

All forms of music have value. Some make you aware of what is not working. Do not stop there. Move beyond that to learning how to assist yourself and others to appreciate the uplifted music and sounds of pure joy. The way to know if the music is uplifting is to see what it does for people as they either listen, sing, move or dance to it. Is the word love or loving a part of the package? Songs and music that make us aware of others' trials and tribulations are important; they can inspire us to investigate and do something about it. Make your world a better world in any way you can find. 

My music to you is constant and it is my gift, passion and joy to share it with you. Blessed be the one who truly listens.