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All about Creation of Forms and Humanity.

Creation, Forms and Humans

Creation is the action of bringing form into relationships that are functional and productive. In what we are addressing it is the process that life takes to make itself more perfect and whole.

There are forms that take up time and space. All forms are divine in one way or another. The human form is a reflection of the first creation. You experience limitations of feeling you can not commune with other realities and densities, due to the fact that those who constructed your form left a few switches off. We mean to turn them on again. With this new knowledge, let us find out something about how humans and other forms are constructed.

All forms are made up of their own combined energies or Sephiroth. The Sephiroth is also known as the Tree of Life. Each life form, species or being has its own Tree of Life. In its completed structure, all living beings and constructed things possess twelve orbs or portals of light.

The human form has its own Sephiroth or Tree of Life. It is:

1 Kether  Crown Today called Supremacy
2 Chokmah  Wisdom
3 Binah Understanding Today called Comprehension
4 Chesed  Mercy Today called Compassion
5 Geburah  Strength
6 Tiphereth  Beauty
7 Netzach  Victory Today called Success
8 Hod  Splendor
9 Jesod  Foundation Today called Fundamental
10 Malkuth  Kingdom Today called Domain
11 Urim  Illumination
12 Thummin  Perfection

Each Sephira contains an ascending and descending spiritual energy. Each is in divine balance with each other and all the other Sephira.

More recently, beings in the created worlds or denser realities, learned how to separate the twelve ascending and descending energies. Of these they were only able to master seven. Following this, five of these seven were utilized most actively in further creations of theirs.

Today we have mapped two strands of the helix of life we call DNA. In this process we have an understanding and physical representative for 5 (Geburah-- Strength) and 9 (Jesod--Foundation). These make up the two stands of a DNA molecule. In the true matrix of all living things there are twelve stands of DNA. The other strands are present. We have not noticed how to view them yet. We can see them operating in our lives and yet have not made the connection concerning their relevance to the whole twelve-strand molecule. In future times we will find the connections that makeup the matrix of life we know as the Tree of Life. We will come to know of its physical components.

The original matrix of twelve has always been present and available for all to reconnect. Now that we have a better understanding of our genetic makeup, let us begin to see the connections that create the other qualities of the matrix of which we are physically composed.

The twelve heavens or realms relate to mankind as densities of energy or fields of reality. The human form or body was intended to be created in the likeness of the Holy Twelve, the twelve Orders of Angels and the twelve Angels of The Presence.

The first conceptualization of the human body was meant to contain all those elements necessary for a spiritual being of light to inhabit three-dimensional reality. It was to express similar attributes of the Holy Twelve. This first concept was brought about through the free thought and free will of twelve angels: Thaumiel, Chaigidiel, Satheriel (Sheireil), Gamchicoth (Gog Shaklah), Golab, Togarini, Harob Serap, Sammael (Samael, Samiel), Gamaliel, Lilith, Ildabaoth and lead by Lucifer.

They went about trying to complete this task without connection or guidance with the ALL. They began to perceive and create the concept of separation.

Two angels who opposed this form of creation became consumed by their own convictions. It was said, therefore, that they were burned for their opposition to this creation of the human body. They were Amerziel, the Angel of Truth, and Sacheniel, the Angel of Peace. The Source of the Whole of Existence assisted in restoring them to their former forms, stations and glory.

This attempt to create without the wholeness present, created rifts within these twelve angels due to the misshapen human forms and their inability to conduct the lighter energies and rays or light. This can account for what has been referred to by those of Earth as the “fall” of the angels. In actuality, those angels of the first creation conceded to serve as guides in the denser realms as opposition in order to strengthen and assist growth. This has not been an easy path for these beings of light. They have carried this off marvelously throughout the vastnesses of non-time and eons and eons within time. Many of these angels eventually petitioned the Source of the Whole of Existence for assistance.

Assistance came; the first human forms were attuned to the concepts and tones of the twelve. Completion on this first level was accomplished. These first human forms were not like those of today. They could be said to be intelligent and capable of reasoning. They possessed ten physical stands of DNA and were completed with two ethereal strands.

These human bodies were constructed with assistance in the physical worlds by way of other non-human forms of life, who were inspired by the twelve angels of the first creation of humankind. This took place over many millennia and even eons of time upon Earth and other places.

By the time of the second creation of the human body, many changes had taken place in the physical worlds and the human form had a wide variety of prototypes. The most abundant were those with one-head-two-arms-two-legs that move in an upright manner. This form proved to be the easiest to attune to the twelve. Many places in the physical worlds only possessed lesser intelligent, dense humanoids. Few had developed the forms we today would consider to be human. Each system or area of the physical universe developed human forms that were unique and particular to their physical circumstances. This may relate to bone structure, size, shape and other physical attributes. Too many possessed the underdeveloped forms of humanoid.

The Angel MaslehThis second creation of the human form was originated by the Angels of The Presence. They requested that the angel Masleh organize a series of twelve angels for this task. These angels were Acrabiel, Betuliel, Chesetiel, Dagymiel, Daliel, Gamimiel, Masniel, Sartamiel, Teletiel, Tomimiel, Arariel and Gagiel. This group of angels worked through many of the intelligent life forms in the physical realms. These angels endeavored to inspire a more perfected physical form that would have greater physical, intelligent and spiritual capacity.

These Angels of The Presence presented a plan through the angel Masleh to the twelve angels of the second creation and to the spiritually advanced leaders of many of the places of the physical worlds. They conveyed this information by way of multidimensionally transmitting their intention, influence and inspiration to and through those individuals in many of the more advanced groups within the physical worlds. The target individuals were those who would be most receptive to their messages, influencer and inspiration.

Each group of advanced beings possessed its own unique set of circumstances that they needed to solve for themselves. The twelve angels of the second creation of humans had the task to elicit those advanced beings' willingness to interact with the denser beings in order for the advanced beings to benefit toward the solving of each of their own unique circumstances. This evolutionary process of the denser beings necessitated altering their genetic structure.

Many of these advanced beings were so-called because they had developed themselves and been inspired by the angels of creation. Some of these were those beings most closely resembling humans. Others were, themselves, angels who decided to have denser experiences. A large majority of these beings, in gratitude for the inspirations and assistance of the angels of creation, honored and immortalized them as figures of reverence and respect. These beings adapted and utilized the form of twelve to delineate many of their cycles including their year and much of their rules and measures. Though there was a difference in the communication skills, techniques and distances of measurements of the year they would circle their stars, many advocated the use of these. This allowed them to synchronize their societies with the concepts of these more expanded understandings.

These more advanced beings were conceived and brought into physical form as children, young and needing instruction. Many of the angels assisted in their instruction and tutelage. They eventually learned to master many of the laws of the physical universe and some of those of the spiritual worlds as well.

In the Solar System (the star system that includes Earth), this plan was inspired among the people of the planet known to you as Nibiru. This plan was worked on and perfected through several successive attempts until more modern forms of Homo sapiens were formed.

This plan involved the Nibiruans' attempts to mend their world and serve the purpose of advancing the species, homo erectus, present upon the Earth. In other places in the physical universe, these angels presented various other plans to other advanced beings in order to assist in the evolutionary process of homo erectus into homo sapiens.

Most of this included changing or augmenting 214 to 225 gene sequences in the two- or three-strand DNA molecules within the forms of the denser beings. Most of these changes were made to the intelligence factors of these beings.

This was the creation of modern humanity. On Earth, all living things including homo sapiens found themselves with a two-stranded DNA molecule to form relationships between four elemental proteins. All twelve strands are still implied and present as a concept, idea and through the other simultaneous dimensions that exist.