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All about angels.

Angels are the expressions of the original creation, which was the act of loving.


Angels are the expression of the loving intention of the Source of the Whole of Existence.

The Holy Twelve are those beings, who are extensions and the first intentions of the Source of the Whole of Existence. Each of these twelve possesses an ascending and descending principle of creation in balance, harmony and synchronization with each of the twelve. The Holy Twelve assisted the angels in becoming aware of the wisdom of all things.

The first angels existed as brilliant shinning light, and radiated tremendous loving everywhere.

These angels formed complements between them. These became male and female, which possessed some of the qualities of their complements.

These angels emulated some of the complimentary qualities of the Holy Twelve more intently and specific concentrated form. These angels grew in their expressions and became known as the Elders of beauty, radiance and wisdom

Those angels who followed these Elders in the original creation were open, loving and innocent. These youthful angels came to form complements. They were known as the Youthful Innocents.

The Youthful Innocents learned the wisdoms, as did their Elder brothers and sisters.

At the point when they were both as one, the Elders sought to be creative and be like The Source of the Whole of Existence.

These Elders became guides, guardians and overseers of the physical creation. These have come to be known as EL-UM, later referred to as the Elohim. El-Um came to mean those from the Eternal Light who create light.

The Youthful Innocents learned to carry out the teachings of the wisdoms. They became messengers of light.

Some of the angels who worked in and with the physical realms closely over long periods, became what have been called Fairies, Devas, Sprits and Elves.

Those angels who are messengers became known as Inspirations, Guides, Guardians, Counselors and Muses.

  • Angels as messengers, assist mankind

  • Angels act as inspirations and advisors

  • Angels console and counsel

  • Angels guide and protect

  • Angels maintain and preserve

Various angels bring specific messages to humans.

These angels are those who have inspired mankind to write about them, according to their deeds and messages.

  • Angels are Manifestations of light and truth.

  • Angels seem to fly because they are light and can travel anywhere.

  • Angels are filled with so much love their hearts radiate this love as Light.

  • Angels connect from the heart of eternity. These connections appear as wings.

  • Angels are radiant light and appear to possess halos, auras, or coronas of light.

At times the significance of their form, shape, size, color and appearance is specific to their message.

There are times when the colors you perceive and even the odors you smell will alert you as to the type or specific angel that may be around you, passing through or contacting you.

These are some of the messengers we know as angels and their messages.

Until the present time humankind has known that there exist nine or possibly ten orders of angels.

Each order or specific kind or class of angels possess special gifts and exhibit appearances according to their ordered purpose.

Angels have their complements. Each possesses its male and female energies and works as a complete whole. These energies, which are whole, constantly interact to complement and complete each other.

There are twelve orders or categories of angels; each presents an awareness or gift to human kind.