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All about the angel Gabriel.

I am Gabriel,


Ruling prince of the Twelfth Heaven or plane of existence, and the Twelfth Order of the Angels, which is known as the Angels. My name means, “The Source of the Whole of Existence is my strength”.

My complement is the angel known as Hope, whose name means, "The expectancy of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She fosters joy, truth, justice and love. She grants wisdom in interpreting dreams and visions. You might experience us as shades of yellow and white.

I am the announcer of the good tidings of spirit. I am the spirit of what humans call justice. I stand for harmony between all things in life. I bring the messages of hope to all humans, encouraging them to persist in their chosen endeavor, to become more aware of their past, present and future, and the truth of their existence.

The flowers I present at the time of delivering my announcement and pronouncements represent the energy relevant to the messages. Scents and flowers possess certain energies for healing and remembrance, and evoke certain emotions. I bring the concepts and awareness of transformation, understanding and realization as gifts for all humankind. When asked, I share this truth with those who have sincerely requested it. I sometimes confer directly with individual guardian angels.

Under the auspices of this order of angels are what you have come to call the muses. There are twelve main muses that interact most actively with humankind. They have been called: Mneme (memory), Melete (practice), Aoede (song), Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Euterpe (flute playing), Terpsichore (lyric poetry and dance), Erato (lyric poetry and song), Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy), Polyhmnia (mime), and Urania (astronomy and astrology). Through these energies, many of the ideas of design, art, building and commerce have been inspired. For these angelic presences are the spirits of inspiration to all mankind.

Now is the time to stand for the collective goodness of humanity. Here we learn to truly love one another. If you have compassion and love in your heart, there will be little room for anything else. With these as your tools, you can accomplish anything.