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Angels of the Presence

We are the Angels of the Presence and we govern the twelve heavens or planes and are the resource for all the angels. We are also known as the Twelve Angels of Sanctification and the Angels of Glory. We are Michael, Metatron, Suriel, Sandalphon, Astanphaeus, Saraqael, Phanuel, Jehoel, Zagzagael, Uriel, Yefeiah and Akatriel. We have assisted in humanity's being given the 24 books of knowledge that contains the scientific formulas. This information was designed to assist humans in their advancement, and, properly used, would allow them to transform their surroundings. 

What ensued was a learning process for all involved. The progress has been what it has been; and some times it was amazing and rapid and in other times it seemed to slow to a crawl; yet every step was what it must be. Step by step toward completion, renewal and the fulfillment of the glorious commitment. Michael worked closely with the patriarch called Judah and blessed him and his descendants, that they world produce leaders and teachers that could educate the entire populace of Earth. This would assist humanity in learning the laws and principles of the present universe and what has been its progress thus far. This is just the beginning of the progress of mankind. You have already heard from four of us: Michael, Metatron, Sandalphon and Uriel as the leaders of some of the orders of angels and Ruling Princes of realms of existence. As Angels of the Presence, we are best experienced as flickers of gold and white light with bits of purple. Other beings of denser realities can not manifest these colors of light as their indicators, so seeing them is how you know that we are present. You can call it our calling card. The following are the messages of the other Angels of the Presence.