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I am Uriel, Ruling Prince of the First Heaven or Plane of existence, and the First Order of Angels, the Supernals. I am Ruling Prince of the Presence. My name means "fire of the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is the angel Aurora, whose name means, "The dawn as the Source of the Whole of Existence". She presents the colors reflected from the sun at dawn. She works to bring calm and order to the physical worlds. We are best experienced as fiery red and orange. 

I am a regent of the star Sol, the sun or star of your Earth. For this reason, I have been called he who presides over Tartarurs (later called Hades). Men have considered me to be the archangel of salvation and redemption. These terms and ideas have changed over time. The Hades or Hell that some refer to, is not a place filled with evildoers per se. Yes, I preside over what seemingly is seen as evil, what you call the lower worlds or underworld. These are created concepts that from a larger view are worthless. Men create Hell by their deeds and actions toward one another. During and after physical death there is, and always will be, life. Life goes on, and where some physical components may be redistributed into parts of other creations, spirit is eternal. 

When requested by a soul, I can act to intervene on its behalf in relation to any terror. Otherwise, I can observe the pain and seeming despair that the soul creates. At times, it is not a pleasant sight; and yet I remain undaunted by the occurrence. 

I was the guardian of the lands on Earth that was called Eden. I watched as the bodies of humans were formed by other beings. I have interacted with humankind many times throughout its history. This was often in ways that allowed them to become greater and more effectual for themselves. It allowed them to stand up in their own truth. 

I have been referred to as the Prince of Lights. I assisted in disclosing the mysteries of the heavenly arcane to Ezra, who interpreted what he could. I work ceaselessly to keep alive the flame of truth. It may at times seem to contrast what you have come to know for yourself as truth. I am not passing this message to you in order to change your understanding of what you think you know. I am here to assist you through these times of change and want you to rethink the basics for yourself. This does not include denying your faith or existence. It does involve questioning the laws and beliefs of old. Each age has what is needed at that time as truth and it is not that the truth changes. Instead, more becomes known about the truths of old. It is more of a supplement and another way of seeing or interpreting what was known from the point of now

Blind faith means not to question. Open and loving faith needs questions and periodic revamping. The truth is not cemented into one place. It is, as time truly is, fluid and flowing. Your knowledge today changes to understanding of the past. In the future, your knowledge will have changed from what you think you are hearing now. 

My message to mankind is for each person to become open to serve in whatever capacity enhances his or her sense of Self. Learn to be delighted in what you accomplish. Being satisfied means that you are instilled to do more and continue to grow. Always encourage the optimism of the present moment to move into the next, and keep it moving quietly in your life, through each breath. Each moment shall reveal wondrous things unto you. Mankind shall see and learn to know its connections with one another, starting with Self. This fire of judgment is the flame of discernment; from each flame, a new insight is born. Learn to keep this flame alive in your own heart. 

The whole and complete Book of Life shall be returned to humanity. This will set in motion the alchemy that shall either consume your worlds or advance them far beyond their present vibrational status. Innovations I bring to you. These are not weapons for maintaining differences and for seeking vengeance or conquest. These are for blending with a new harmony all the voices of the latter days. Justice then shall be in all things, large and small, and prevail within, outside, and throughout all worlds. Know it is so, and that it has been accomplished as being so, and the Earth shall become the new Earth.