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I am Metatron, Ruling Prince of the Fourth Heaven or plane of existence, and the Fourth Order of Angels, Seraphim. My name means, "Transformer of Later Times" or "He who precedes the Transformation yet to come". My name has meant many things at various ages of man. In Latin it meant metator, a guide or measurer. Earlier, in Hebrew, it meant "Little YHWH", and even earlier my name meant, "One who occupies the throne next to the divine throne". I am also called Metratton, Mittron, Metaraon and Merraton. It has even been suggested that my name is a mystical name for Yahoel or God. These interpretations of the meaning of my name had limited understanding until the 1980s and 1990s when words like Transformation became known more widely by humanity. My mystery name was Bisbul, which means "Within or in Zebul". Zebul means "Habitation or Temple", not only in the sense of worship and reverence; it also means the truth of truths within, the revered place within. This would be the most respected place within each of us. 

My meaning is that I act to bring the light of knowledge and truth to the dark side of ignorance, and the seeming unknown (unremembered). This, in turn, becomes a new dawn within, a new day again. Each turn of the wheel comes easier when the others are remembered. I am known as the angel of change. I am considered to be the first of the ten Archangels of the Briatic World. I've been called the greatest of heavenly hierarchs, King of Angels, Prince of the Divine face or presence, Chancellor of Heaven, angel of the covenant, Chief of the Ministering Angels. 

My complement is known as the angel, Mahaliael, whose name means, "The light of tender affection from the Source of the Whole of Existence". Also called Mahalel, she instills intelligence to the myriad worlds and endows them with many levels of sensitivity. She inspires openness and affection. We are best experienced through royal blue and dark purple.

I am charged with the sustenance of mankind. I am the link between the concepts of being human and being divine. In one of my earthly embodiments, I was adviser to the patriarch, Enoch. Michael and I coordinate spiritual matters of the physical universe. I counseled the prophet Isaiah and inspired Psalms 37 and 25. I am also in charge of the reclaiming of souls at the time of their separation from their physical forms, and transforming them through the physical realms. For this, other angels work with me to carry these tasks to completion. 

I have been given credit for having 72 names. These are my aspects, angels charged to carry out specific functions and duties in my name. These angels are entrusted with the souls of those who have passed from physical embodiment at a very young age. 

We are entering those times which prepare all beings for a transformation of the seven Fields and Inner Aspects and Centers to the Nine, and then, Twelve. Twelve is the number representing the completion of creation and the wholeness of humanity. In order for humanity to have the full conscious understanding and experience of these transitions and transformation, it becomes essential for all creation to work through the cycles of nine. Most of humanity today operates in the conscious reality between Fields and/or Centers Six and Seven. A great number of the more educated populace of Earth have contracted to complete nine of these levels. Very few know and work with the full knowledge of Cabala. 

The other books of the covenant given to mankind will take on greater meaning and significance in your world now. The additional nineteen books of the Torah will shed light upon many questions coming forth from inquiring minds. The seals, signs and scripts will be expanded upon when translated into modern English. 

I am in communion with the Earthly embodiments of the angelic host who are on the Earth now, and bear in some form a name related to Michael or receive his transmissions. Among the angels with whom I maintain this kind of instruction are the legions of Gabriel, Raphael, Suriel and Uriel. The angels who are working directly with me are Suria (Surya), meaning "shinning like the sun", who works with the energies of the sun and to balance the effects of the sun upon the Earth; Tatriel, meaning "light of the mind of the Source of the Whole of Existence", who works with humankind to gradually increase its intelligence of light; Sasnigiel, meaning "peaceful light of the Source of the Whole of Existence", who is the angel of peace and is presently called forth in all peace negotiations, and who works to make the concepts of peace more closely understood by the populace of Earth; Lad, meaning "tender age", who works with the young souls to educate them concerning their spiritual life while on the physical worlds; Yofiel, meaning "preceptor of the Source of the Whole of Existence", who works to bring the fullness and completeness of the Torah and the other parts of the Book of the angel Raziel (also referred to as the Book of Life). Together, we are assisting in the transformation of humanity.