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Unknown author

I am Phanuel. I am also called Phamael, Penuel, Peniel or Fanuel; my names mean, "Face of the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is known as the angel Patience, whose name means "Perseverance of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She is the angel who instills patience and perseverance among mankind. 

I work to raise the persistence of all living things, including the willingness of mankind to face itself and its mission on Earth. At times I can appear to be an adversary, in order to raise the consciousness of humanity. This is a good cure for the stupidity of beings in the physical worlds. I work through the energies of the planet Venus. 

I have the task of ensuring that those that have transgressed their own agreements have the chance to make up for these transgressions in their own way. I am one of the angels that know all the transgressions of all members of humanity. I protect beings from the temptations of evil and defend humanity as a whole. It is said that at one time I defended humankind against the spirits of the satans. This allowed them to have their own decisions concerning their progress on Earth. 

My message to all humanity is to hold to your own agreements, and learn to renegotiate when necessary. Hold true to your agreements with yourself. Learn to face what seems impossible, and come to realize that nothing is truly impossible. Learn to see the snares and pitfalls that lie in waiting before you all. There are some tests ahead that will strengthen your own resolve and your understanding of your place in the scheme of all the worlds. 

You hold some of the most important keys to living, and to all of life. Let no being put you down or make you feel unworthy of your inheritance. Your future and your greatness is before you; and I work endlessly to ensure that you will make it to the other side shining as a thousand stars. Each being is worthy and the rightful heir to the endless worlds that await your growth and progress. 

Your task is simple. It is, and always will be, to master the physical worlds while you are expanding spiritually, incorporating each within the other until you reach a sense of oneness that will be unsurpassed by any mortals in the physical worlds. I am at your side working to strengthen and assist you.