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I am Sandalphon, Ruling Prince of the Third Heaven or plane of existence and the Third Order of Angels known as Illuminations. This name means "co-brother". I am also called Sandolphone or even Sandolfon. 

My complement is the angel Ilaniel, whose name means, "The source of the Whole of Existence is firmly rooted". Also called Illanael and Ilanaiel, she works to provide the essence of all fruit-bearing trees. This can be extended to include providing the essence of the ability in all beings to bring forth life. She establishes a firm conviction and assurance in all those who request assistance. We are best experienced through the colors of bronze/tan and gold, along with the many flowering fruit tree patterns. 

I worked closely with the prophet known as Elias or Elijah. I am regarded as one of the tallest angels. I work ceaselessly to reintegrate the separateness and disruptions caused by Samael, whose energy was first recognized as SA-TON (that which opposes), later referred to as Satan. I carry the prayers of the faithful to the thrones of all the heavens. I am responsible for maintaining the connections of the original intentions of humanity and all the beings within the physical worlds, to the spiritual realms. I work with the differentiation of gender in the embryo, through my associate angels, who are in communion with all expectant mothers. 

My message to mankind is to continue to seek enlightenment for Self and be open to protect the rights of others, so that they, too, can seek enlightenment in their lives, whether on Earth or elsewhere. Stand tall in the knowledge that you are part of the divine plan on Earth. It does not matter if your bodies were produced by other beings. As long as the soul inhabiting the body breathes life into and through it, the whole of it is part of the divinity in all things. Prayer is powerful when sincere, integral and coming from the heart. The belief system it is based in is transcended by the universal and divine goodness in the prayer itself. Your true thoughts and desires create your world. What is placed within the Mind Field of your planet will manifest the common thoughts that then produce the desired physical manifestations. 

Be discerning about what you hear. Ask questions and discern your differences with others. Invite peaceful discussion and maintain a willingness to hear what others have to say. As best you can, manifest your own thoughts with clarity and conviction. Do no violence physically, mentally or emotionally to another or yourself. Be mindful of how and what you create with your thoughts. Do not be afraid to bring the light of truth to false thoughts that generate discord and unrest. The sound of my voice will give you assurance; and so, listen to those words that conjure a peaceful means to a peaceful end--even in the face of violence, anger, prejudice, bigotry and hated. Concentrate on loving peace and allow the truth to manifest.