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I am Sarasael. I am also called Sarea, Sarga, Sarakiel, Sarahiel or Saraquael, all of which mean, "Angelic prince who is bound in oath to the Source of the Whole of Existence". 

My complement is known as the angel Sarahiel, whose name means, "Princess of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She is one of the scribes who are the recorders of the deeds of mankind. She bestows the reflection of these deeds so that humankind may benefit from the knowledge of its actions. She has been known to appear as a speck or flicker of light. At various times her symbol has been the hummingbird. 

I am charged with deciding what the next steps are, of those who have sinned or transgressed in spirit. This includes counseling with the guardians of each of these souls as well as the council of angelic hosts that are charged with the progress of each soul throughout the worlds. I am known as the bringer of order and understanding. I have worked with many of the Earth and many other worlds. There are time lines other than the one you know. Learn to become aware of these so that you can become more multidimensionally oriented. 

Most of what undermines a being's progress through time and space is the aberated belief that time is linear and that one only lives one life in one time line. If this were so, progress and expanded realities would not be possible. People would be seen as slaves, puppets on a string at the whim of some unknown force. This is not the case! 

You are the greatest part of the divine order of all that is. You possess within you the matrix of the complete twelve segments of eternity. They have always been yours to grow into and become. It then becomes the individual's choice to progress through knowing and taking responsibility for themselves. This is no more than knowing you can respond to anything, and everything you do respond to is your responsibility. That is what responsibility means--the ability and willingness to respond! 

Life is neither so restrictive and rigid, nor so whimsical that it has no purpose or choice. This is the divine plan, to observe the choices that life takes and grows into making on their very own. All the councils of angels exist to assist in the process that life chooses, and that enough consciousness is revealed to it that it comes to its next step no matter what that step looks like. No being sits in judgment of a sin. A sin is a transgression that a being makes against himself or herself, or what he or she believes in. Thus, my ministry exists to provide guidance and council based upon sins committed or omitted within your own being.

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