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All about the orders of angelS.

These angels are listed in each order as they came into being. The first orders of angels were the first companions for the Source of the Whole of Existence and the Holy Twelve. Then the second order came into being and so on in the same capacity. In actuality they came into being simultaneously before there was time. Each order took on different roles and a variety of duties as they interacted with the universes.

The First Order of Angels are brilliant gold light and are companions to The Source of the Whole of Existence. They form what are known as the Angels of the Presence. They are known as the Supernals. There are always 12 Supernals at any one time that serve in this capacity, as 12 is the number of completion within physical orders. Their presence forms within it, the abode of the Source of the Whole of Existence.

The Second Order of Angels maintain the connections between divine thought and wisdom and its manifestation into the physical realms. They appear as shinning silver. They are known as Celestials. Few ever appear to humans or 3rd density realms. They are present throughout all of existence.
Those of the Third Order of Angels are of the highest physical form and maintain and accomplish the emulations of divine light and wisdom throughout the physical realms. They appear as iridescent light and are known as Illuminations. They are present within all physical realms.


The Fourth Order of Angels manifests so rapidly within the physical realms that they appear as wings of light with eyes. They are known as Seraphim and are in charge of maintaining the presence of the source of the Whole of Existence within the physical worlds. They are the guardians of the various universes.
Members of the Fifth Order of Angels are youthful and appear as faces of light or very childlike forms. They are the reminders of joy, happiness and the essence of creation. They are known as Cherubim. They appear when humanity remembers its own joy and allows happiness to be present.
Angels of the Sixth Order are beings of tremendous power and movement. They are the keepers of higher more expanded energies. They ensure that these energies maintain connections and flows through the realms. They are known as Thrones. They act as the conduits of the physical worlds and tend to be more stationary in their existence.
Within the Seventh Order of Angels are those beings that distribute and maintain connections between all beings and things within physical realms. They are known as Dominions. They are sometimes perceived as travelers, appearing in widely separated spaces and times.

Those beings of light that act as generators within the physical realms belong to the Eighth Order of Angels. They manifest in this Universe as astronomically large beings, and generate various amounts of light. They are called Virtues. They commune directly with stars and the nebulae which give stars birth, and with even larger astronomical phenomena.
The Ninth Order of Angels are those beings who maintain the laws set into motion we call the physical realms. They are keepers and teachers of the laws and are known as Powers. These are information gatherers and depositors of truth and information to all things that exist.

Those angels of the Tenth Order of Angels are governors and administrators of various systems within the physical realms. They have been known to become patrons of whole areas, countries or cities. They are known as Principalities. They work with and conjoin their energies with larger groups of various types or species.
Those angels who govern the affairs of the messengers of the various realms and dimensions are known as the Angels of the Eleventh Order. They are very large and radiant spiritual beings. They are called Archangels. Their presence signals great change. They sometimes take human form in order to cause occurrences or change the tide of events for humanity.

Those angels of the Twelfth Order of Angels are the messengers that commune with various life forms within the physical worlds. These include the guardian angels of humankind. They are called Angels. These are the most accessible angels to humans and other life forms. They are constantly present. Large groups of them may appear at tragic events as they accompany their charges to their next level or dimensional area. They also at times inspire through thoughts and ideas.

There are personal and group messages and scientific accomplishments attained through the messages that come through the various orders of angels. At the dawn of each new age or cycle, angelica messages are brought to the minds of the beings of all classes and orders. These messages for humankind at this time contain information about the messengers and their messages, purposes and what they wish to share with all humanity.