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All about the angel Celestiel.

I am Celestiel,

Ruling Prince of the Second Heaven or plane of existence, and the Second Order of Angels called the Celestials. My name means "Brilliant Star of the Source of the Whole of Existence".

AstaraelMy complement is known as the angel Astarael, whose name means, "The star shine of the Source of the Whole of Existence". She bestows all worlds with inner light and the willingness to reach for the next place or step. We are best experienced as the colors and lights of many stars in the night sky, or the soft glow of morning's pale blue sky.

Through me, myriad angels were formed by the creation wrought by the Source of the Whole of Existence. These shards of starlight are bright and wondrous. They are known as the Celestials, and work to maintain the balance between the divine presence and the physical worlds.

I join and bring together the higher and more ethereal energies of the spiritual realms. My being is one of total, inclusive spirit in all things and beings, large and small. Little has been known of me in previous ages of mankind, as I am a subtle connection between all things. I have been called the Enunciator of Life. I am a constant presence of awareness and continuance in and with each soul.

My message to humanity is this: that each person realizes his or her own light, and the light beyond. There is always more to grow through, and within, the vastness of the All That Is. Your own beyond awaits you.

I will not always be found within the avenues of the tried and true. Often, finding me will involve knowing, conscious awareness, and an unceasing commitment to your own true Self. Come to recognize and know your higher Self; this process leads to greater rewards than you could ever imagine. When you have achieved each new level of understanding and completion, know that it is another step. Take each of these steps and live each one to the fullest with your world. Learn to recognize that each and every person there, has to make this journey for themselves. No one can make yours for you, nor can you for them. Help one another when you can. When it is not the highest good for all, do not despair. No one shall be left out or not progress. It just may not be happening in the time you recognize.

You are a divine human; you enlighten the path of every being you meet. Savor the moment. Do not become anxious for what is to come, or compare where you are to where you were. See each moment as part of a continuum; the now of your life is what matters! Life is a precious gift, not to be flaunted carelessly in the wind. If you live a life that is fulfilling for you, then you are treating that life as sacred. No one can dictate the wrongs or rights of another's life. What may seem as a lesser life is just the experience that soul needs. Judge no action; hate no one, for there are greater things to do with your emotions and your love than to invest them in these ways.

Some individuals may come to harm physically, mentally or emotionally. It is not forever. Apparent harm comes and goes within a blink of an eye. Where those individuals choose to go from there, is of far greater impact to your world. You think you kill or end a life, and you do not. You help that soul complete that physical cycle; if that soul's journey was not complete, it may need to return to physical form to come into the whole of who they are. No soul dies in spirit. That does not happen. Death itself is a moment, and then, it is passed. Those that dwell on death are not living or fulfilling themselves. Be full of light and be full of life and do the things you have dreamed. Be in the moment and circumvent the pains and anguish unless you truly need to experience them in order to know yourself better. Remember that our love and admiration of ourselves lends itself to loving others and admiring them, too, as we have learned to for ourselves. Seek truth, peace and freedom for all.