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A buildup of particles such as bits of hardened cholesterol are called gallstones, and can cause such a blockage. Shiatsu can help.

Gall Stones and the Biliary Tract

Conditions that Affect this Area

Biliary Tract

There are conditions found in the area of the gall bladder causing a blockage of the common bile duct or of the cystic duct (which feeds from the gall bladder into the common bile duct). A buildup of particles such as bits of hardened cholesterol are called gallstones, and can cause such a blockage. There are several conditions that may be at play here. There may be gallstones in the gall bladder. This manifests at times like indigestion and can be treated. One that is common in certain areas of the world is biliary ascariasis or pinworm infestation of the biliary tract. This is treated as suggested below, in addition to standard medical treatments. The one that gets the most attention is inflammation of the gall bladder itself. If infection has taken hold there, medical procedures and physicians need to be consulted. Treatment with shiatsu is still advised.

Suggested Treatments

The first thing you want to do with each treatment is to work selected points of the stomach meridian. This helps to regulate digestion and the meridian passes right through the gall bladder area on the physical body. This helps to bring harmony and balance to these areas. It will help to subside any nausea or vomiting.

  1. This is prescribed to treat biliary ascariasis or pinworm infestation: large intestine-20, on the face, may help to bring the natural healing of this area into play and allow better breathing; Stomach-2, under the center of the eye, this helps to alleviate any headache involved and opens the stomach channel more; gall bladder-34, outside of leg just under the knee area, is indicated for dizziness and disorders of the gall bladder.
  2. For handling inflammation of the gall bladder, you want to work on these points: Extraordinary point-35, directly under gall bladder-34, is also indicated for handling disorders of the gall bladder and triple heater-6, just above the outer wrist, is indicated for back pain, constipation and ribcage pains.
  3. To prevent or handle gall stones this regimen is recommended: bladder-19, at the opposite side of the body on the vertebral column where the gall bladder is, is indicated for the formation of gall stones as well as back pain and stomach-36, just under the knee, is indicated for gastralgia, constipation, nausea and vomiting.
  4. You can add these points according to the symptoms present: Vomiting: Paracardium-6 Jaundice: governing vessel-9 Back pain: bladder-18

Suggested length of treatments: Generally these treatments are prescribed for once a day for ten treatments and two courses of ten days making it twenty. When the symptoms have subsided some you can end for that day's treatment. Consistency of treatments is essential along with other methods of treatment, which may be necessary.