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Shiatsu can help relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy and even aid the mother in preparing to give birth.

Points For Pregnancy


In order for a woman to deliver a baby at birth comfortably as possible it is imperative to understand prenatal care. For we are addressing both the baby and the mother through this process. Relaxed and as stress free as possible the mother and baby will have it easier with each other and with their own all over health.

Remember that the pregnant woman can sit easily in a chair or lie on her side to receive treatment. If you are a beginner at practicing shiatsu, make sure you work on a pregnant woman under supervision of a well established practitioner or teacher, during the first three months of a pregnancy.

Make sure you know the meridians and their points and the elements they belong to. Make sure you know how to do various types of assessments or diagnosis. These are always essential to doing shiatsu.

Keep track of the woman you are working on. Make sure she is taking care of herself with proper sleep, food, rest and exercise. Converse with her about these subjects prior to each session.

Keep notes on those people you work on consistently. A pregnant woman will need treatments as often as she can. The pressure and weight charges will be demanding of her body and mind. Make sure she is doing some breathing exercises or technique on a daily basis or as best she can. This will of course assist with oxygenation of her body and the fetus' as well.

Points To Observe

Easy and gentle hip and leg rotations can assist in relieving pressure that can build in these areas. Avoid the contra indicated points and be gentle. Do not push to far up depending upon the number of months along the woman is. This also relives stress on the lower back.

Facials are great and woman love them. once again ease and a gentle hand can see and glowing smile upon the woman you are working with. Do not forget the neck and shoulders. I have found that a lot of woman store stress between their shoulder blades so work over those bladder points. If she needs to relieve herself let her go you both will feel better afterwards. I once was working with a pregnant woman who kept quietly saying I think I might have to go to the bathroom. I would say do you really need to go? She would say that she did not have to go that bad and lets continue. Tell her if she thinks she has to go "we are ready for a brake here any way." pregnant woman have a lot of pressures that build up in their bodies and although they know when they need to go under normal circumstances sometimes, this ain't one of them! When in doubt take a bathroom brake. Especially if you are working over those bladder points to relieve back pain or stress..

Contra Indicated Points

Make sure that you do not work on these points: Gall bladder-21, Liver-4 or Spleen-6. These are always contra indicated points during pregnancy as they can induce labor or cause a miscarriage.

Also avoid heavy pressure below the knees. A gentle touch is fine in these areas. Also be careful of too much pressure in the area of the baby or fetus These actions can also induce labor.

Applications During Birth

Once it is time to give birth, a downward pressure on Gall-bladder-21 can help to stimulate hormones that are important in the starting of labor. Later this can assist in milk production when the mother is breast feeding the baby.

Individualized pressure to the indentations of the sacrum helps relieve pain. This can be done while the mother is resting in a chair.

Applications can be made to Spleen-6during contractions. This is best used when in conjunction with breathing techniques.

Bladder-60 can be used with Stomach 36 to alleviate pain in the legs. Stomach-36 is particularly helpful to relieves soreness and stiffness from aching legs, while deep pressure applied to Bladder-60 during contractions can help to control the effects of the pain.

Liver-4 combined with Spleen-6 and Gall bladder-21 can assist in establishing the proper energy flow for the baby and the mother. The can be worked together in order to synchronize contractions. They are very helpful in alleviating the pain involved.

Supportive Moves Following Birth

Work those Kidney points after birth with the mother. Always tonify them so as to increase the QI. This helps the mother get in touch with her own mothering in a comfortable way. Specifically Kindney-3. This will help to tonify original QI and assists in lower back aches.

Applying pressure or having the mother apply pressure to Conception Vessel-17 helps in the lactation process. Pressure to Conception Vessel-4 will help to calm the new mothers mind. Pressure to Conception Vessel-20 at the crown of the head will assist on clearing the mind and lifting the mothers spirits. This is particularly helpful in addressing postpartum depression.

If there has been any surgery or cutting involved do not apply pressure in these areas. In these cases working the extremities at the meridians points on hands and feet can effect an remarkable results.

All the head Gall Bladder points would help to handle grogginess from anesthetics and such. A facial of shiatsu is very soothing and relaxing.

Be very careful applying shiatsu to their new born baby. Many of their bones are not ready for real pressure. You very lightly and gently touch some of the babies key tonification points. You might feel a slight pulsing. This is healthy and normal. Once again very gently holding the babies hands and then the feet can assist in them getting in touch with their babies more quickly. Holding their heads helps them relax.

Remember to work with both mother and baby regularly after birth and during formative times. This is one way for their energy bonding to become more synchronized.