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All about hypertension headaches.

Hypertension Headache

Blood pressure cuff.

The symptoms of this headache are a dull, generalized pain affecting a large area of the head. Hypertension headaches are aggravated by movement or exertion. They are caused by high blood pressure. There are several factors to consider in response to a diagnosis of high blood pressure. Diet and habits are the main body of focus in handling this.

To handle the headache part of this, you need to get your high blood pressure into normal range. Rest and relaxation are most immediately recommended. Soothing music and stress-relief techniques are hackneyed, but useful, tools, as well.

Decrease your weight if you are overweight by eating a high protein, low fat diet. Hops and valerian root are good for calming the nerves. Supplement your diet with those vitamins and minerals that help to oxygenate the blood and lower pressure. Remember vitamin E in high doses, and garlic. Eliminate all salt, NutraSweet, and any other aspartame products, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) from your diet. Add fiber. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.