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All about hunger headaches.

Hunger Headache


Hunger strikes just before mealtime and can be accompanied by a headache. This is due to low blood sugar, muscle tension and rebound dilation of the blood vessels. The causes of this condition can be the skipping of meals or too stringent a diet.

To avoid hunger headaches, to eat regular meals with adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates and proteins. It isn't necessary to eat three meals a day; six small meals are generally considered better, in fact. The important thing is to take in about the same number of calories at each meal as you have been taking in at that meal; and to not skip a meal you usually eat.

Even though one of the aspects of this type of headache is low blood sugar, eating something sugary is usually not very effective in alleviating this kind of headache. In fact, it can make it worse! Your best bet is to eat some quality, well-balanced food, with complex carbohydrates, lean protein and little fat.