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All about hangovers.

Hangover Headache

The bar sceneA headache that is like a migraine headache, with throbbing pain and nausea. It is usually caused by alcohol, but can also be triggered by the environment in which drinking often occurs: excessive noise experienced over a period of hours, tobacco smoke or high levels of carbon dioxide (from many people breathing in a room with inadequate ventilation), and loss of sleep (from staying up until the wee hours).

The more general cause, then, is dehydration (alcohol and caffeine are diuretics) and dilation of the blood vessels in the brain (caused directly by alcohol, but can also be caused by injury to the head, which can occur with that loud noise, or some of the more violent modern dance forms).

To avoid this type of headache, drink alcohol moderately and if this headache occurs drink even less next time. Avoid places that are poorly ventilated, and wear ear protection if the noise level is high enough to hurt. After drinking, even moderately, be sure and drink one full (8 oz.) glass of water for each can of beer or equivalent, or 2 oz. of distilled spirits.

If you wind up with a hangover headache, anyway, you can relieve the symptoms by drinking lots of quality water and fruit juices, and take in some easy-to-digest protein, such as eggs. Apply an ice pack to your head. Extra doses of Vitamin B & C Complexes will restore your body's nutritional balance.