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All about arthritis headaches.

Arthritis Headache


This headache occurs at the back of the head or neck. It is made worse by movement. It is directly caused by inflammation of the various joints of the shoulders and/or neck muscles.

Arthritis, itself, is an inflammation of one or more joints in the upper body. The stiff and sore muscles cause the muscles to contract; that, in turn, can cause a headache.

Alfalfa contains all the minerals essential for bone formation. In its raw state, or in the form of alfalfa sprouts, it has been used to help relieve several symptoms of arthritis. It can also be taken in capsules.

  • Cat's Claw is helpful for relieving pain.
  • Feverfew and ginger are also good for pain and soreness.

Caution is needed if you or anyone taking Feverfew or Cat's Claw is pregnant. Do not use these under this condition.

Hot tubs and baths along with regular massage can also assist with pain relief and return some mobility. These in turn will handle what causes the headache of this kind.