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All about alternative treatments for cancer.

There are many alternatives to establishment medical treatment of cancer. Some alternatives replace establishment treatments; some claim to work in conjunction with it. Either way, you must realize you become responsible for the outcome when you choose an alternative. There's no one you can sue if it doesn't work. So it's vitally important you make it your job to be truly informed about any alternatives you consider. Make use of facts, rather than wishful thinking. Of course, the same is true of establishment medicine!

Increasing Cellular Oxygen Can Kill Cancerous Cells

There is a link between oxygen and cancer. In fact, one cause of cancer can be low cellular oxygenation levels.

Newly formed cells in an environment with low levels of oxygen damage respiration enzymes so that the cells cannot produce energy using oxygen. These cells can then turn cancerous because they don't make enough energy to function normally in the body.

In 1931 Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He stated "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one primary cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. All normal body cells are thus obligate aerobes, whereas all cancer cells are partial anaerobes."

High oxygen tensions seem to be lethal to cancer tissue, 95 percent being very toxic, whereas in general, normal tissues is not harmed by high oxygen tensions. some normal tissues are found to require high oxygen tensions. It seems to show that if the oxygen tensions in cancer tissues are elevated, then the cancer tissue may be able to be killed selectively, as cancer cells are incapable of handling the high oxygen environment.

There is more to this than Otto Warburg understood. Approximately 85% of cancer cells use this glucose fermentation. Other cancer cells do burn oxygen for fuel. And these cells have a very interesting interaction with the cells using glucose fermentation. In the past few years researchers have noted that some cancer cells burn lactase (lactic acid) and even fat ketones as additional energy sources. Lactic acid is readily available in tumors as most of the cancer cells are burning glucose for energy and producing lactic acid as a byproduct of that process. In order to create more nutrients as a byproduct of cell metabolism, cancer cells also metabolize glutamine. It is also not an efficient source of energy to run the cell, but it supplies valuable nutrients needed by the cancer cells to grow and proliferate. The key to shutting cancer down is halting the as much of the metabolic processes as possible in cancer cells. Stopping both their production of energy, and their processing and production of nutrients needed to support the growth of cancer cells and their rapid replication.

Two elixirs help with this. The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir, shuts down the primary glucose metabolizing pathways in cancer cells. Glutam, reduces the amount of glutamine getting into cancer cells, and inhibits its metabolism. CMSD Elixir focuses on inhibiting every cancer cell metabolic pathway -- with the intent of both shutting down energy production and the production of the nutrients needed to promote the growth of cancer cells and their proliferation. Dtosin is an elixir that turns on cancer cell apoptosis. This will speed up the death of cancer cells when their metabolism is low. It gives a series of instructions that cause disruption of cancer cell metabolism along with increasing destruction of the cancer cell internally. CMSD Elixir tests at 6300 for fighting cancer when used at the 3 bottle a month dose for advanced cancers or 2 bottles a month for early stage cancers. Together they test a very strong 8400 for fighting cancer.

There is a miracle cure ebook that sold like hotcakes talking about all the ways increasing oxygen levels in your body is valuable to you. It's good information. Unfortunately, their low cost solution is a bit dangerous and not all that effective for cancer. This is drinking diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide.

If not appied correctly and the prodocaol followed, it can be harmful. You can not drink it undiluted over any length of time and not have it cause issues.

In addition, only a small portion of the oxygen they release gets into cells as there is not a delivery system that naturally takes oxygen from the blood and gets it into cells. Our natural deliver system picks up oxygen in the lungs and carries it to the cells.

Energetic testing for drinking hydrogen peroxide comes in very low, about 90, making it a poor solution to oxygenating your cells. The aerobic oxygen salts, at least the good ones, test much better at 165.

However the best oxygenating supplements make use of deuterium or heavy water to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. The most heavily marketed one, found in most health food stores, energetically is much stronger than the aerobic oxygen salts at 214. However a different oxygen supplement from an MLM company is even higher, coming in at 320. Better still though is the supplement highly recommended for years, Oxy E. Energetic testing puts this at 432 when used in high therapeutic doses.

Oxy E creates oxygen in your cells, which is excellent given the cancer and oxygen link. But it also acts as a free radical scavenger, and produces extra hydrogen to increase pH levels and combat free radicals.

This one ounce bottle of liquid contains an acid based formulation of sea water minerals, dissolved oxygen, plant based amino acids and plant based enzymes. It interacts with deuterium, a trace mineral naturally found in water. This ends up creating hydrogen and oxygen as it splits the chemical bonds in water molecules.

What sets Oxy E apart from your typical oxygen supplement is that this oxygen producing reaction can take place inside the cells. Where you need to get the oxygen. Many oxygen producing products like hydrogen peroxide, vitamin O (energetic testing a 30), or Aerobic 7- there's a whole slew of them - get oxygen into the blood. What they can't do though, is to actually get the oxygen into the cells.

The typical oxygen supplements always cause free radical or oxidative damage in the body. Oxy E does the opposite. In its process of creating stable oxygen molecules, it actually eliminates free radicals.

The oxygen transportation problem is solved by Oxy E in a unique way. The ionic trace mineral blend in Oxy E carries it into your cells, where it then makes oxygen. As maximum oxygen creation from Oxy E occurs 6 to 8 hours after ingesting, there is plenty of time to be taken into cells. It forms an O- molecule with a negative ionic charge, which eliminates an O+ free radical by combining with it. This produces a stable oxygen molecule.

Oxy E is able to supply the body with a steady diet of free oxygen, hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids, and enzymes ≠ all the while cleansing cells of toxins and lactic acid. In addition it will enhance absorption of nutrients taken with it into the cells. And pull toxins out of your cells.

It works on two other fundamental causes of cancer, over-toxicity of the cells and pH. You can't take too much, your body only uses as much as it needs. Because it is a powerful detoxifier, increase the dosages slowly.

Hydrogen peroxide baths, check online on how to do them, come in much stronger than drinking hydrogen peroxide, at 233 for cancer. Hydrogen peroxide IV's if you can find a practitioner to give you them, some naturopathis doctors do these, are just a hair better, at 246. Two standard therapies suggested by top oxygenation doctors come in a bit better. Hyperbaric chamber treatments where high pressure drives oxygen into cells, comes in at 312. And the oxygen therapy where you breath oxygen while exercising on a treadmill, where the increased circulation from exercising carries the oxygen to more parts of your body, comes in at 314.

Oxy Life Force Elixir now has instructions directing the body to produce a much higher level of nano oxygen than it normally does. These instructions were added after a researcher postulated that the body produced nano oxygen, very tiny oxygen bubbles. And that this oxygen was distributed throughout the body by both the lymph system and the blood. This action of Oxy Life Force Elixir is so valuable in the battle against cancer that it tests very high. 7600 when used at the 2 bottles a month dose for early stage cancer and 3 bottles a month for advanced cancer. OxyDHQ is a liquid concentrate that uses a deuterium fortified water with 84 minerals, 39 enzymes, 19 amino acids in an acidic base that has had a history of producing oxygen in cells and a multitude of hydrogen ions for over four decades. Just like lemon juice or vinegar, it will also help alkalize your body. It contains therapeutic levels of DiHydroQuercetin which is a powerful free radical scavenger that also conditions red blood cells so that they are more flexible and work better. Increasing circulation. Next a special Vitamin C, ascorbo-phoshpate, is added. This makes the DHQ work even better - and is about 16 times more potent than regular vitamin C. These two additions alone up the anti-cancer levels significantly, and may be able to extend healthy cell life up to 240% in test tubes. It also has 15% sea ormus - which brings in that healing force of energetic frequencies to OxyDHQ. OxyDHQ, may be able to stimulate 5 times as much nano oxygen production and tests energetically at 1350. When  you add in the same number of bottles of OxyDHQ as Oxy Life Force Elixir their rating together goes to 9100.

There are other elixirs and remedies that assist in creating a better and healthier environment for cells to live supportive and productive lives. These few mentioned here are worthy of note to keep your bodies cells integral and without disease. The number scale used here is to give you a good understanding of how the various elixirs, treatments and remedies stack up to one another. It allows you to choose those that might work best for your circumstance.

All the pages in this section describe alternative treatments. This page covers some overview and general resources, a good start if you are considering a move in this direction.

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