By: Michael Manion Viewed: 5/27/2020
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All about the Vibration movement of Swedish Massage.

What is Vibration?

One of the five basic Swedish massage strokes, vibration is a rhythmic shaking of the hands or hand and fingers, or even just a finger. This focuses penetrating pressure to an area of the body to help release tension and breaks up blocks that have occluded flows of nerves, blood or lymph or any substance that may be preventing proper muscle contraction and release.

Some Good Applications for Vibration

This kind of movement is beneficial when applied to the large intestines or the colon area in a clockwise circular movement. It helps move blockages and keeps the person more regular. This is essential to young children who can become dehydrated or constipated. This can be done very gently with babies as well.

Doing vibration around wrists and ankles can help increase mobility and break up deposits such as calcium or even edema. It can also be applied to knees and elbows to handle pinched nerves or relieve the effects of tendonitis.

Another rewarding application for vibration is to apply it to sinuses that may be blocked or clogged. This can offer relief from many kinds of facial pressures.

In many ways vibration is the one application of massage that clears the way. When applied properly and long enough it will leave you saying you felt those good vibrations!