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All about Sports Massage.

What Is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage

We've all had the experience of playing a little too hard and pulling something as a result. Massage can relieve the resulting pain so that healing can be promoted. However, just as most athletes stretch out before a workout or a game, many find a pre-exertion massage helps them excel.

There are several aspects to Sports massage.


A pre-massage involves knowing which primary muscle groups will be engaged during a particular sport or workout. Those muscles and their connectors can be massaged in such a way that they are pre-stretched and ready for the exertion to come, resulting in greater range-of-motion, higher levels of performance with less chance of strain or injury.


If a strain or injury occurs during the activity, the well-versed therapist is trained to identify the kind of injury and whether it can be manipulated to relax or stretch in order to relieve the problem or if medical intervention is needed instead. Obviously, some injuries may require X-ray and possible surgery if tears or breaks are involved. But many very painful conditions can actually be alleviated quickly and easily by your trained massage therapist.


The third and a very important aspect of Sports massage involves massage after the activity in order to handle stiffness in joints or overstressed muscles. It has been proven that this form of massage promotes healthy tissue and reduces length of time in recuperation after the performance of a sport, enabling the athlete to return to the court or field in less time, ready for more!